Workout routine
Workout routine

How to be in form and have muscles for less then 21 days

All of us want to be fit, in form and have muscles during short period of time. You can have it, but without diet, which represents 75% of your success and activities (workout and cardio), you will never have it. If you already have a good diet, try this 21 days training routine, which push you over your limits and give you everything you desire. This type of training is very hard and intensive, not only for beginners, so prepare yourself for really hard workout. For 21 days, you need access to gym and be ready for cardio trainings.

Workouts in gym for increasing power/strength

Your workout routine in these 21 days will consist from 2 days of hard workout + 1 day of rest. You have to stick of this plan 2+1, it is really important for success.

2+1 workouts are divided into 1 day for top part of body (chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps) and 1 day for bottom body – legs (thighs, calf or abdominals muscles), so you will spend time in gym for example on Monday and Tuesday / day off / Thursday and Friday, day off and weekend for cardio and rest.

Rules of this workout

Hard workout
Hard workout

2 main rules:

Fisrt rule – break after each series is only 30 seconds, in worst case 45 sec

Second rule – you will do workout still with the same weight of equipment (on machines or with dumbbells), choose weight wisely, because for 2-4 series you can feel full of energy, but after 5 series you may feel weak.


5 different exercises for top of body and bottom of body

Day 1. – Top part of body

Dumbbell Bench Press – 8 series after 8 reps

Rowing or Seated Cable Row – 8 series after 8 reps

Barbell Front Press or Barbell Press behind neck sitting or standing –  8 series after 8 reps

Two-hand Cable Curl for Biceps – 6 series after 8 reps

French pressures – 6 series after 8 reps

Day 2. – Leg day

Leg press –  8 series after 8 reps

Lying or standing leg curl – 8 series after 8 reps

Leg Extension – 6 series after 8 reps

Seated Calf raise – 8 series after 8 reps

Plunk – 6 series after 30 seconds

Day off

Day 1. – Top part of body – different exercises

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 8 series after 8 reps

Front rope pull-down or Pull ups –  8 series after 8 reps

Dumbbell Front Press or Dumbbell Press behind neck sitting or standing – 8 series after 8 reps

Barbell Curls –  6 series after 8 reps

Cable Triceps extension – 6 series after 8 reps

Day 2. – Leg day – different exercises

Hack Squat –  8 series after 8 reps

Stif – legged deadlift – 8 series after 8 reps

Squats – 6 series after 8 reps

Standing Calf raise – 8 series after 8 reps

Hanging Leg raise – 6 series after 15 reps

Day off


Workout motivation
Workout motivation

Best after workout or anytime during a day. Don’t skip cardio day, it takes only 15-20 minutes. It consists of 4-5 series after 8 exercises, which you do without breaks (you can choose own exercises)

Example of our 8 exercises

Push-ups – 10 reps

Jumping lunge – 20 reps

Burpees – 10 reps

Running in place – 30 seconds

Moutain climbers – 10 reps on every leg

Jumping rope – 30 seconds

Squats with a jump – 10 reps

Lying leg raise – 20 reps

With proper diet, sleep and this training plan you will become stronger, more resistant, tougher and will have more shape muscles with veins! So let’s do this!

Some tips for exercises into your cardio workout

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