Eat slowly!

Your stomach can be full, but your body needs 20 minutes to notice that. Slow down your eating and give your stomach enough time. If you are not full and you want a desert, wait or eat more vegetables.

Never be hungry

Plan meals and snacks! Try to prepare your meals every morning, or if you don’t have enough time, in the evening. You need just 10 minutes to prepare two portions of vegetable salat, or 15 to prepare salad with chicken. You can also cook low fat protein cookies.

Don’t ruin your results from gym!

You were training hard in a gym, great. And after that you ate some junk food or sweet bar? “Well done!” Next time try not to waste your time. With this behavior you won’t loose fat. Your post workout meal should have less calories than you had burned in a gym and it should be without high in sugar.

Drink water!

Yeah! Absolute truth from your grandmother. Without water your body can’t work properly. You’ll have more energy, you’ll be healthy and you’ll be less hungry.




Founder of and fitness trainner for 5 years from the Central Europe. My icon is Arnold Schwarzeneger and my philosophy is: It's competition, between yesterday and tomorow. Focus and be the greatest hardworker in the room!