My clients ask me question “how to build abs?” very often. The answer is very simple. ABS is problem for many people. Yes, it’s not so easy, but on the other hand it is not as hard as they think.

Better nutrition, better ABS

Basic rule. Without proper diet and nutrition plan you waste your time. You can spend your life doing cardio in case you ruin it with bad diet. Get used to nutrition habits, prepare your food regularly and don’t use sugar. Think about stevia or honey. Chips? Humburger? Really? You’ll never achieve nice ABS with junk food. Eat more chicken, fish and vegetables. Split your meals. This is the most basic reason why you don’t see your abs.


One day per week should be without any carbs. From the beginning it could be hard, but it is easier as you think. Eat just chicken without rice. Prepare protein shake and eat cottage cheese. You take some carbs from protein or from vegetable. That’s all right. However, you should avoid meals with more than 10 g carbs of 100 g. Remember, only one day per week can be without carbs. You need them for building your muscles.

Cardio! Cardio! Even more cardio!

Don’t stop your weight training, just add more cardio or convert a small part of weight training to cardio training. You can choose between HIIT cardio and normal cardio.  If you choose typical cardio, you should do 5-6 days per week for 40-60 minutes. Try to keep your heart rate on 130-145 beats per minute. Before cardio I would take some BCAA to protect my muscles. Do the same.

Founder of FitLikeBee.com and fitness trainner for 5 years from the Central Europe. My icon is Arnold Schwarzeneger and my philosophy is: It's competition, between yesterday and tomorow. Focus and be the greatest hardworker in the room!