Protein Truffle
Protein Truffle

Sweetness that doesn’t only look and taste good, but is also beneficial for your body

It may be hard to believe but this protein truffle tastes good even without added sugar or carbohydrates. What’s more, in this little ball you will find your daily amount of valuable nutrients like proteins and fats. The preparation is easy, too: there are only two main ingredients – protein powder and nuts. The best thing about this little treat is the way it is prepared: this is a no-bake truffle so any kitchen novice can handle this recipe.

How to prepare these small miracles called protein truffles



1. 2 scoops of protein powder (We recommend chocolate protein but you can try different flavors as well, it’s up to you).

2. 20 g of nuts – we recommend almonds, walnuts, pecan nuts, or hazelnuts.

3. Cocoa powder – the amount of it depends on your consideration.

4. 30 g of skimmed milk or water.

5. 40 -50 g of peanut butter or nutella (tip to decrease the amount of calories: 25g of peanut butter or nutella and 25 g of coconut oil).


Mix together all ingredients except for the cocoa powder.

Preparation of masterpiece
Preparation of masterpiece

From the mass roll out small balls in your hands to create shape you wish your protein truffles to have. It all depends on you how many of these candies you want to make (if you followed our recipe, you should get 5-6 pieces). If you can’t get enough of them and want to make more of these delicious protein truffles, just double or triple the amounts of ingredients.


Before you gorge on these delicacies roll every ball in cocoa powder.

Easy as that! These truffles take about 5 minutes or less to make, taste scrumptious and provide you with useful protein and healthy fats, which you may need during the day. Enjoy!


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