Protein bounty sticks
Protein bounty sticks

Do you like Bounty? If you answered yes, then you have to try this healthy and nutrient-rich recipe  for Bounty

No matter, who you are, everyone love sweets. Someone prefer white chocolate, another dark chocolate and for sure, we can find people, who love every kind of sweet. If we thinking about Bounty, you know how this stick looks like, and it’s not so healthy nutrient values + calories. But we think, that you never tried its healthy variant, which consist from similar sources, but better and healthier. If you belong to people, who like to try new things, love healthy food and especially sweets, this recipe will be for you.

How to prepare your own Protein Bounty Balls

Ingredients for 8 pieces

1. At least 2 scoops of protein powder (70-80g), we recommend to use with vanilla or coconut flavour

2. 40 g of shredded coconut

3. 80 ml of milk, no matter, which you use

4. 50 g of coconut flour

Ingredient number 5 is not necessary, if you don’t want other calories or chocolate

5. 60 g of quality dark chocolate (at least with 70% of cocoa)

Nutritional values on one piece  of Bounty stick

Around 150 calories, 16g of protein, 8g of carbohydrates and 7-8g of fats

How to prepare Protein Bounty Sticks

1. On dry frying pan saute shredded coconut

2. Stir in bowl roasted coconut with protein, coconut flour and slowly add the milk, until you get a soft-forming dough from used ingredients

3. From dough you can create between 6-8 pieces of protein Bounty sticks

4. Dissolve dark chocolate in a glass over steam

5. Wrap Bounty balls in step 3 into melted chocolate and put into fridge during night, so chocolate will be solid and your own protein Bounty sticks on the world

Used ingredients fill stomach, so you can take some of them into work and eat them like snack or offered to your friends

Taste of these protein Bounty sticks is wonderful and what more, full of good nutrients, fresh and you will also know what you used to make this wonder. Good snack for every time


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