Be healthy, happy and eat wisely
Be healthy, happy and eat wisely

Overeating and sugar. Why do we need to eat so much even if we are not hungry?

Most of us sometimes or more often fight with temptation to don’t eat, because we know that if we ate during a day a lot of food, then another snack can easily be over limit. We may have these feelings anytime and mostly from: boredom, stress, wrong diet, fatigue etc. Another reason should be our childhood, when we were surrounded and influenced by sweet foods and sugars. What we loved as children is what we love today as adults – sweets, chocolates, cakes, bonbons, fast foods and irregular eating – overeating (no rational reason, why we want to eat something, when we ate half an hour ago).

Eating without breaks from meals at least 2-3 hours is bad, not only for your figure, but for your organs and mood too. That´s why we will try to give some tips, which can help you to avoid overeating and need of sugar.

Tips how to fight/avoid taste to sugars and overeating

1. Irregular eating

If you eat without strong plan (one day you eat frequently, then second day you eat one meal during whole day), it will be only worse for you. Optimal is to eat every 2-3 hours something reasonable (protein + fats or protein + carbohydrates – not big portions, but something)

2. Almost any protein food in your diet

Try to avoid food, which consist only from sugars or carbohydrates, because you will not feel full and in half an hour you will eat something again. Try to add fats or proteins to yours salat, cereals, spaghetti or fruit.

3. Eating foods with a high glycemic index

Little aid
Little aid

It is all about fluctuations in blood sugar levels. If you eat food with high glycemic index, blood sugar level rise significantly and you will be hungry soon again. On the other hand, if you eat food with low glycemic index, blood sugar level will stay low and you won’t have to eat another food or sugar.

High glycemic index -sweets, fruits, bonbons, juices and everything with sugar

low glycemic index – protein and fatty food – cheeses, nuts, curd, meat, vegetables

4. Low caloric intake during the day

We try to avoid food during day, especially food with higher ratio of calories, but your body remembers that and during night or on next day, you will eat much more and mostly bad food. During your breakfast or lunch, you should add to your diet food like oatmeal, rice, potatoes or fats. It is important to fill your stomach in morning hours, when you don´t feel so hungry, because it can hit you like a boomerang later that day.

5. Fasting during the day

Don´t be afraid to eat more often or to add some garnish to your plate. You do not need to skip sacharides from your diet, but it is better to eat them during day, not at evening hours.

6. Overeating

Low calories food
Low calories food

It is bad for your body and also bad for your mind, if you decide to eat everything what you see. Give yourself a time during day and eat your meals as you scheduled.

7. Lack of sleep, physical exertion

Sleep is necessary for better results in gym, work or life. You should sleep at least 6-8 hours during night and try to create a good sleeping habit.

8. Stress

When we feel stress, our brain automatically increase need for something sweet. Always try to have something more protein rich with yourself and when you have the taste for something sweet, start with water, then vegetables, curd or nuts. When you start with something sweet during stress, you will only start to overeating.

9. Bad drinking regime

Drink 2-3 liter per day
Drink 2-3 liter per day

You know how it works, drink 2-3 liter of water per day. If you drink lot of water you would have fewer need of food or sweets

10. Low fiber intake

Fiber helps to decrease  glycemic index and keeps blood sugar level on standard values. Fiber increases fullness, so you should feel, that you are full in your stomach. Fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables and also whole grains products.

11. Lack of energy replenishment after physical activity

After workout, you need to replenish glycogen into your muscles. It means to eat something and after hard activity, you should eat the biggest portion of food from whole day.

12. Eating only from boredom

Think about it
Think about it

Eat regularly and be disciplined, you don’t live to eat, but you eat to survive, so 2-3 hours without anything in your mouth is not a hard quest.

13. Avoid to sugars as long as you can and do not eat something only for taste, because your brain remembers

We usually eat something because we never had it or we had it and we remember the taste of that food. Don´t be addicted on these wrong feelings or eat something from this category immediately after workout or just before activity

We hope that this list of advices will help you with your fight with sugars or overeating, because the feeling,that you need to eat  something, if you ate just one hour before  is only fiction of your brain or result of lack of water.

Everything is on You
Everything is on You


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