A mesomorph is more suitable for bodybuilding’s competitions (maybe best for it). This type has large bone structure with large muscles. Body looks as naturally athletic. Lot of them have larger shoulders and neck. If you are a mesomorph you can train more often and longer. But be careful not to overdose it, if you are beginner. You gain muscles easier and you won’t get bulky so fast as endomorph. Good way is to train hard with low intense cardio after training (or during the rest day) and healthy diet to stay lean and muscular.

bodytypesTypical traits of an mesomorph:

  • Athletic body
  • Strong
  • Gains muscle easier than ectomorphs
  • Gains fat easier than ectomorphs
  • Well defined muscles
  • Bigger bone structure

You have predictions for hard weight training. If you are beginner you’ll be suprised how fast you gain muscles. However, be careful and watch your calorie intake and you won’t get bulky.

Famous mesomorphs athletes:

  • Arnold Swarzeneger
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Mark Walberg

Training and diet tips for mesomorphs

  • Do 8-12 repetitions per series
  • Take 60 – 70 seconds to rest between periods
  • Do low intense cardio after training, or during rest days
  • Eat enough!
  • Try to separate meals into smaller portions
  • Keep carbohydrates 35-55%
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