Pull ups

Pull up is a basic movement. But the truth is that many people (also men) can not do it. So, how to start with pull ups? How to train to be able to do this basic movement? The answer is that there are many ways.

  1. Do push ups

Push ups are also one of basic movements of our body. I recommend you to do three series after you wake up. And how many push ups? As many as you can. Everyday. You will be stronger and your tendons will be stronger too.

  1. Hanging

„Dead hangs“ are very effective way to build shoulder stability and grip strength. Everytime you have to stay in this position longer and you will see results for sure, but it takes some time.

  1. Chair method

This method consists in negative form of pull ups. You need only your pull-up bar and chair. Using this chair grab the bar and lower yourself as slowly as you can. Do it with both hands in underhand grip and also in overhand grip.

The underhand grip is the easier one. Why? Because your biceps are in a stronger position and they do a lot of work.

When you go overhand then biceps are in a weaker position and the other muscles have to compensate that power of biceps which is used where you do underhand variation of pull ups.

  1. Using bands

This is another very effective and useful method (also if you do not have partner to help you). There are many of bands which you can use because they have different resistance. It depends on your weight and strength. If you start with doing pull ups, you can use the more resistant band and as you will have more of strength and you will be able to do more and more reps you will need change it for another one with less resistance.

  1. Help of your gym partner

Do you have sparing partner? Great! Your partner will grab your ankles and you will have more power to pull your body because he (or she) will help with some of your weight and also you will have more stability.

  1. Assisted pull up machines

You can also use these machines but I do not recommend it because it is different movement as you want to do if you want to do pull ups without assistance.

  1. Climbing a rope

Another great movement for building pulling strength. There is work of arms and legs and not only your arms push yourself higher as many people think. If you use this exercise as method for pull ups, remember that you only need to be able to hang on, not just pull your way to the top.

  1. Stay focused

Stay focused and motivated and you will see positive results. But the most important thing is that you should know how to do pull ups correctly to avoid injuries.

Student of nutrition, swimmer for 9 years, volleyball player for 6 years. Now I am interested in running (half marathons), Spartan Race and gym workouts. I am big fan of theory by Paul Wade in „Convict Conditioning“.