How to build muscle
How to build muscle

What does mean “too clean”?

too clean

You would like to look like a man from fitness magazine. All right, no problem. But you should eat properly and clean. What does it mean clean?
It means to eat vegetables like broccoli, salat, carrot etc.. Or fish, chcicken breasts, cottage cheese and way protein. It’s good to stay lean. However, many people forget fat and carbs, lower as it is good for their muscles.

How to increase naturaly IGF-1 by food

Experts and profesional trainers warn you against long term diet with extreme low level of carbs. It’s very similar for your body as fasting. It can be as effective as a short diet for losing your fat and for forming your body. But it’s not good, if you dream about gains. You diseable your AMPK (Actived Protein Kinase), which is responsible for growing your muscles.

Bryan Haycock, M.S. thinks, that eating low carbs hold your insuline on a lower level, also IGF-1 stays on low level, too. You need to increase your level of IGF-1 and your muscle will be able to grow as you want. You need to have normal level of carbs in your diet. If you are afraid of fat, do more cardio after weight trainig, or during the rest days. If you don’t have enough time, put one zero carbs day to your diet plan.

Second effect is decreasing SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin). On the other side, that will increase your own testosterone.




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