Creatine is the one of the oldest supplements in bodybuilding world and one of the most well-researched for last 13 years. If you don’t know creatine and his benefits learn more about it here Creatine.


  • More muscle
  • More power and strength for your muscle
  • Improved anaerobic capacity

You can find a few guides about timing and creatine. Most famous are 3 of them. Before workout, after workout and in the morning. Every one has its own reasons.

Creatine Before Workout

Primary purpose of creatine is to boost your energy for muscle contraction. More heavy weight leads to more muscle. For that you need as many ATP during the training as you can get. This is the main reason why to take creatine before workout. My opinion? I prefer creatine 1 hour before workout, becasue I want push up my limits.

Creatine After Workout

After workout your body is really hungry for proteins, carbs and whatever it can use to repair muscle. So here is theory: if you take creatine after workout, your body will be able to use more of them and you’ll use all potencial of the supplement. Moreover, your body will replenish ATP for next training.

Creatine After Waking Up

Every one is different. Some people think, that one hour or half hour to take creatine before training is not enough. It’s individual and depends on every person. You should try what is ideal for you.


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