Squats motivation
Squats motivation

Advantages of Bulgarian split squat

This type of exercise is very usefull for everyone, who wants to use his time in gym or home best, how he can. You don’t need a special equip, space or skill legs, because Bulgarian split squat are good for everyone, even for beginners. Except of that, you can do it everywhere and it´s a complex exercise, which uses potential of more muscle groups. If you can use full potential of this exercise, you’ll burn more fats, improve your legs, abs and ass.

Some reasons, why to do Bulgarian split squat

1. It burns fats more effectively

Through this exercise, you can build muscles, muscles burn fats more effectively, increasing the temperature of your body and utilizing the potential for whole body. Every muscle on your body increases amount of kCal, you can receive during a day. If you keep living in healthy lifestyle and have muscles, you should burn more fats even when you are doing nothing.

2. Become stronger and bigger in short period of time

Every kind of squats give your legs shape,form and strength. After short period of time, you can see how your legs, thighs, calves and hamstrings are improving. Bulgarian split squat will unleash in your body anabolic conditions, which is good for  faster muscle gain.

3. Building your Abs

Bulgarian split squat
Bulgarian split squat

Everyone who is exercising, wants to have a six-pack. More effective like Abs exercises are squats, which use all of  your muscle parts and not only Abs. While exercising fully extended Bulgarian split squat, you are obtaining the Abs, which you dream about.

4. Reduces chance of injury

Injuries are very common in gym and not only amateurs can be hurt, but professionals too. Most of injuries are result of weak ligaments and tissues, when you exercise wrong or with too heavy weights. Bulgarian split squat and squats in general make your body more flexible and your ligaments and tissues much stronger, what means.. less injuries.

5. You will run faster

Squats are beneficial for every runner or athlete in gym, because with more power in your legs you can run faster and longer with less breath gasping. You can increase heart rate, what prepares your body for harder workout.

 6. Extremely safe

There are no reasons, why you can’t do squats. Every man and woman in every age category can do squats. Squats with right technique are without injuries in your back or knees. For humans, it is natural to have evenly distributed muscles, so do not skip squats in your life if you would like to use 100% potential of your own body.

How to do Bulgarian split squat correctly

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